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About the Amherst Police Foundation

The Amherst Police Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 2001 with cutting-edge technology for the Amherst Police Department in mind.


As we move forward, the use of new and continually changing technology becomes essential to our growth.  The Police Department, working in partnership with the Amherst Police Foundation, has the potential to achieve national recognition not only as one of the safest communities in the country but also as a leading agency for law enforcement technology applications.  Chief Chamberlin believes the Amherst Police Department is in a position to lead the way with technological advancements in Western New York as well as state-wide.  This is a lofty goal, but one which is well within our reach with the continued support of the concerned Amherst citizens.  The Amherst Police Department has a tremendous reputation for success and a lengthy record of cooperation with the community, which we intend to build upon.


As much as Amherst residents need the police, the police need your support as well.  Nearly all of the Amherst Police Department's budget is dedicated to personnel services.  It would be impossible for the department to keep pace with today's rapidly evolving technology and avail itself of new systems of training and strategy without the support of the Amherst Police Foundation and its community donors.

The Amherst Police Foundation has never rested on its reputation.  Law Enforcement is an ongoing challenge and the Foundation strongly believes it is imperative that the sophistication of our law enforcement efforts keep up with the seemingly endless resources of those determined to undermine our community.  Chief Scott Chamberlin has stated his vision is to aggressively pursue cutting-edge technology for the Amherst Police Department and implement innovative training and programs that will enhance service to the Town of Amherst and the entire Western New York region.

The Amherst Police Foundation needs your help to continue to keep your community safe, to support existing programs, to develop new ones and to sustain our partnership through the years ahead.

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Message from the Chief


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