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What We Have Accomplished

Since being established in 2001 the Amherst Police Foundation has held an annual Golf Tournament to raise funds to purchase cutting-edge technology for the Amherst Police Department. The Foundation has funded well over a half million dollars in equipment, specialized training and scholarships. Below we highlight some of what we have been able to do.


A mobile Incident Command / Community Events Vehicle. This vehicle is outfitted with all the communication and electronic equipment needed to be used as a fully functional Incident Command post. This has been used at numerous critical incidents such as crime scenes, evidence collection, major demonstrations, observation at major public events and emergency weather situations. The vehicle is also used at Community events to engage with citizens and provide a high-profile way to show what public safety and policing is all about.

An Emergency Response Tactical Operations Vehicle. It is equipped to respond quickly to just about any situation including active shooters, hostage rescues, standoffs, crowd management and other emergency events. The vehicle is designed to operate as a Tactical Operations Center in close proximity to critical incidents. It even has a retractable camera boom that gives a birds eye view at special events and critical incidents.

Two specialized pieces of equipment have been acquired for the Accident Investigation Unit and Evidence/Crime Scene Team. (1) The Bosch CDR Tool which allows investigators to retrieve data from the Event Data Recorder (“blackbox'') which is integrated into nearly every car, light truck, and SUV sold in the U.S. since 2013. Using this investigative tool, important technical information inside the vehicle in the seconds before, during, and after an accident or critical event is captured and used as an integral part of an accident investigation. (2) A Visual Statement FX3 Premium Total Station.  This is the ultimate tool for accident reconstruction and crime scenes. This investigative tool does everything from diagramming, importing total station data, momentum analysis, calculations, SMAC simulations and animations in 2D or 3D.

MILO Range-Interactive Decision-Making Simulator. This simulator broadens Officers training experience by providing real-world, interactive use-of-force scenarios that increase safety and awareness. The training increases decision making efficiencies in high stress situations and environments, resulting in more highly trained officers. This highly effective tool provides officers with skills in the areas of critical incident training, tactical judgment, de-escalation training, and firearms proficiency.

The Foundation annually awards scholarship(s) to member(s) of the Amherst Police Department to further their Criminal Justice education or for specialized training.


That is just some of what the Foundation has provided for the Amherst Police Department.

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